How to Make Templates for Websites Not Look Like a Template: 5 Tips to Use

Read this article and discover how to make templates for websites not look like a template! Here are 5 tips how to make your new website look like a custom-built site!


The cost of web development and design compared to the end product and its quality has changed in the last few years. If you are into web development or design you have probably experienced these changes. Before, it was not uncommon for web developers to charge $10.000 for a simple HTML website. The quality of the websites was way better because of the hours that went into custom designing and coding the entire website.

Today, it is pretty unusual for someone to pay $10.000 for a website, except if you are a company with a big budget and it is absolutely no problem for you to hire web developers or designers to custom-build your professional website. This is because today you can buy amazing templates for $60 and customize according to your business needs. The best part is that you can customize your site to look like a $5000 custom design.

All you need to do is to find great templates for websites and come up with a creative idea of how you can customize them. You can find amazing templates and themes on websites such as Template-Monster.com, Joomla, WordPress, and etc. These already-built templates and themes will drastically lower the energy and time spent on creating and designing a new website. And this efficiency is always welcomed, especially when you are in a hurry to launch your new website.

In order to have an amazing website that will stand out from the crowd, here are 5 tips to help you customize your template to make it not look like a boring template bought online:

  1. Start with a high-quality theme – We know that you may be tempted to grab a free template or theme and while this is a proper solution for some projects, it is not recommendable to use a free template if you are planning on running a serious business. The level of functionality and quality is common in paid or premium themes only. So, before you download a free template know that it is better to start with a high-quality theme. Checkout some really good e-commerce themes here!
  2. Use overlapping elements – Keeping up with the newest web design trends usually leads most web designers to make templates that are divided into horizontal sections. Remember that selecting a theme that has an overlapping visual element is a better option as will make your site look totally custom.
  3. Invest in Custom Graphic Elements – Although you are on a budget, you can still hire a web designer to create interesting elements for you for an affordable price. Spending money on a graphic designer to make interesting elements for you will be well worth for sure.
  4. Get Amazing Stock Photos and Videos – If you want your website to look professional and modern you need to use high-quality and beautiful stock photos and videos. Remember, that your website will be judged by your photos and their quality, so make sure to choose wisely!
  5. Get a Custom Logo – The simplest way to transform a website template into an interesting, cool, modern, and professional piece is creating a custom logo. It doesn’t cost a fortune to get one and you will definitely notice improvements. The investment in a custom logo extends way beyond your website.


Even though you are using a template, your visitors will think you spent at least $5000 on your site! We encourage you to employ these tips!