Free vs. Paid E-commerce Templates – Which One Is Right For Your Online Store?

The online market is booming thanks to the availability of cheap mobile phones and high internet penetration. More people are taking advantage of the convenience brought about by e-commerce platforms such as being able to compare different stores to quickly find out which one is offering the best deal, and also the ability to buy with one click from anywhere in the world. The trend is forcing many entrepreneurs to launch online stores. The easiest way to build a website is to use e-commerce templates. However, many potential online entrepreneurs have to make a tough choice between using free or paid templates for websites.

In this article, we will share with you the pros and cons of using both free and paid e-commerce template for your e-commerce website.

Advantages of using paid templates for websites

  1. Paid templates are easy to set up and install. It means that you do not have to hire developers to assist you in the setup and installation process.
  2. Paid templates normally offer help and support for any problems that may arise.
  3. Robust Security that’s taken care of by the hosting company which removes the stress for constant updating of the security features.

Disadvantages of using paid templates for websites

  1. You can get tied to a contract with monthly payments for a long period.
  2. You cannot fully customize your website because you do not have access to the core files.
  3. You also stand high risk should the hosting company close business. It would mean the end of your business.

Advantages of using free themes for e-commerce website

  1. It’s free, so you can save money and use it on other aspects of your business
  2. There is no commitment hence you can walk away anytime in case you are not satisfied with the platform.
  3. You also have freedom and full control of your website.

Disadvantages of using free themes for e-commerce website

  1. There is no help or support and so should run into a problem, you probably get stuck.
  2. To customize your theme or perform updates, you’ll probably need to hire a developer.
  3. Security might pose a significant challenge to your online store.


The ultimate choice for whether to use free or paid website themes will depend on an individual. If you are technologically endowed and need flexibility and freedom, a free e-commerce template can be an excellent choice. On the other hand, if you are not tech savvy and need an easy and efficient website, you had better settle for paid themes for an e-commerce website.